2018/07/01 Cool! It`s summer paradise

Cool! It`s summer paradise

Special promotion
During 1st JUL~31th AUG
Admission only NT$650
And buy a ticket to get one free scratch-off ticket which there are 86 thousand prizes including 55”TV, iPhone, iPad, ASUS ZenPad andGiant Bicycle to win

Summer Events
Summer wind band show-Date: 7/14, 7/21, 7/28, 8/4, 8/11, 8/18, 8/25 
Time: 10:30,15:20 @ Amusement Isle

Tribal Song Flashmob- Date: 7/1~8/31 Time: 2:30
@ Paiwan/Monday, Tao/Tuesday, Rukai/Wednesday, Puyuma/Thursday, Bunun/Friday, Atayal/Saturday, Saisiat/Sunday

Forest Gallery
Forest is the wall-less gallery waiting your visit and exploring. Five forest trails are recommended with exquisite decorations this summer.

Forest Healing Base

Shaman`s blessing-Date:7/1~8/31 Time : 11:00-15:30(Please refer to the post at site) @The Paiwan
※Hosted by the Paiwan Shaman

Barefoot Earthing-Date:7/1~8/31 Time : 11:00-16:00(Please referto the post at site) @Cherry Blossom Lake
※Free registration on site.