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纜車介紹 門票與開放時間 便利服務 交通 場站設施 周邊景點介紹
Sun Moon Lake Ropeway Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village (from2017/9/1)
  Adult/student/Children Elderly/Kid/disabled
Individual 300 250
Group 270 225
  Adult student Children Elderly/Kid/ disabled
Individual 850 750 650 420
Group 750 650 550 420

1.Group rate is granted to a minimum number of 20 people taking by bus.

2.A/s/C rate is for age over 6 and under 65.

3.E/K/d rate is for age 65 or over, children under 6 or over 100 cm, and disabled (including 1 accompany).

4.Children under100 cm have free admission with a maximum of 2 in a family.

Adult General Adult
student junior high, senior high, and undergraduate with student Id.
Children elementary.
The ticket is for senior citizens who are older than 65(included), pregnant, disabled(Disabilities and their one necessary companion)and children between 3 to 6 years old (When child's ID is not available, ticket applies to child who is taller than 100cm but shorter than 120cm).
Group Group rate is grated to a minimum number of 20 people taking by coach. Each category listed above has different group rate.

1.Verification is required for discount application.

2.Children under 100 cm have free admission with a maximum of 2 in a family.

3. The admission fee includes rides, shows and attractions except food and drinks, merchandises and souvenirs.


1. F.A.C.V. admission fee includes Sun Moon Lake Ropeway.

2. some attractions may be cancelled due to bad weather conditions such as thunderstorms. Under this situation, we cannot refund you your money after you have made a decision for admission. We apologize for the inconvenience.

3. There are separate ticketing booths for individual and group. Please use the correct line.

4. All tickets are not sold in advance but on arrival and are valid for the day of their purchase. We accept cash only and ensure that you get the right change from the cashier before leaving the ticketing booth.

5. Visitors who have acrophobia or fear of height are reminded not to take the Ropeway. Please give careful thought before purchasing tickets.

6. We offer service for the disabled, please refer to the staff for priority of buying tickets.

Ticket remarks:

1. Visitors with the sML Ropeway ticket do not have admission of the FACV, can take ropeway only and have to go back to sun Moon Lake after short time stay at the FACV station.

2. FACV ticket includes the round-trip ropeway and the park’s admission.

3. Please keep the FACV ticket well for it is the admission to enter the park.

4. Please place the ticket above the reading sensor with the barcode side down while going through the boarding gate.

5. Once the ticket is used, the code will expire. And the ticket dose not need to retrieve.


Sun Moon Lake Ropeway


Operating Time

Ticketing Time








1. Opening hours are subject to change during festivals, special events, weather conditions, maintenance, etc.

2. Please refer to the notice at the site or check out our website.

3. Maintenance day / on every first Wednesday of the month the ropeway will be closed to the public for maintenance.

4. The operating time of F.A.C.V on this page is for reference when taking S.M.L Ropeway, please refer to F.A.C.V website for all information.

1. The seating capacity of each carrier is 8.

2. No admission for those intoxicated and under the influence of drug, heart attack, high blood pressure, and acrophobia.

3. No pushing, swaying, standing, opening or leaning against the door, stretching out of limbs beyond the carrier during operation. Throwing objects out of windows and destroying the facility of the carrier are also prohibited.

4. No consecutive ride.

5. No operation under bad weather conditions such as thunderstorm, hail, and strong wind.

6. No pets without an enclosure, bicycles, or big and sharp-pointed harmful objects (expept guide dogs).

7. No smoking, food, beverages, chewing gum and betel nuts.

8. Children age under 5 or hyperactive should be accompanied by adults.

9. Please give way to the disabled.

F.A.C.V. station Passengers

Non-transit Passengers:
F.A.C.V. visitors having a stamp on the hand are non-transit passengers. Please proceed to the stairs on the right to take the Ropeway. Please have queuing number before enter

Transit Passengers:
Non-F.A.C.V. visitors departing from sun Moon Lake station to F.A.C.V. station for a brief stop are transit passengers. Please proceed to the stairs on the left to take the Ropeway.

Sun Moon Lake station Passengers:

Return Reservation
F.A.C.V. visitors who want to return to F.A.C.V. may have a queuing number to avoid lining up and waiting. Please draw a queuing number from the Queuing Ticket Machine.  Sun Moon Lake Ropeway visitors who want to take the system, please go ticketing first and enter with the queuing number given by ticketing.

Sun Moon Lake Ropeway
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