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The Ropeway, which connects F.A.C.V. and Sun Moon Lake (Ita Thao community) is 1877.15m long. Visitors can enjoy Sun Moon Lake when the carriers ascend to 1044m at Mt. Buji. This fresh experience will change your way of appreciating the lake. In addition, the Ropeway provides a new entrance to F.A.C.V.

100% Doppelmayr

The Ropeway adopted Doppelmayr carrier system (Doppelmayr was founded in 1892 and has installed over 13970 carrier systems in 80 countries). The Ropeway is using the same carrier system that F.A.C.V. first installed and operated in 2001.

Red, Yellow, and Blue

The carriers are painted in red, yellow, and blue in which red represents sun, yellow moon and blue lake. The three colors also represent new F.A.C.V.-Sun Moon Lake excursion's happiness (red), lohas (yellow) and ecology (blue). One sees how water, land, and air are incorporated

43 Degree

The Ropeway Station is at the foot of Mt. Buji. The carrier ascends at an inclination of 43 degree between F.A.C.V. Station and Mt. Buji's peak (T13 to T12). In fewer than 200m the carrier ascends 150m. 43 degree is approaching 45 degree limitation which is unusual and impressive.

Giant's Leg

The Ropeway has 16 towers. T4, which is 58.86 m high because of the landscape, is the highest carrier tower in Taiwan; it is like a giant's leg erecting from the valley and supporting the Ropeway to create a breathtaking panorama.

Smiley Valley

After the carrier from Sun Moon Lake Station ascends 1000m at Mt. Buji, it has to cross a valley that is 786m wide. The cable between T7 and T8 forms a curve in the air which resembles a "smile" feature; hence the name "smiley valley." The view here is wide and clear and so it is the best aerial view of the Ropeway.

Good Ventilation

When designing the carrier of the Ropeway, Taiwan's climate was taken into consideration. To allow much more breeze into the carrier, there is a door-window, side windows, and ventilation slots in the four corners of the floor.

New Landmark of the Lake

The Sun Moon Lake Station is octagonal with a dome; its design and construction required high skills. The elegant original color French-made VM ZINC is the material for the hand-molded roof. The roof can last for more than 100 years. The design of the dome, the entrance on a raised platform, the buildings on the right and left ramps looks like a king crab that stretches its both arms to embrace the lake. This has now become a beautiful new Sun Moon Lake landmark.


The Ropeway is electric and free from noise and air pollution. Each carrier is equipped with an independent solar chip that makes electricity for public address system and LED in the carrier. Together with the hydraulic power plant the Ropeway is an ideal project for studying electrical engineering.

Emergency Measures

The Ropeway system is equipped with automatic diesel-powered generator which handles sudden failure of the electric power supply instantly. The periodical rescue drill, the rescue carrier railway, the rescue path, and the world's most advanced automatic rescue car ensure passengers' safety. At this time there are thousands of carrier systems in the world, yet only 20 of them are equipped with the automatic rescue car and this Ropeway alone has 2.

Special Features

Passengers see a valley between T7 and T8 when the carrier is half way from Sun Moon Lake Station. In this section the cable has an elevation of 140m and a distance of 786m. Together with the 43 degree incline between T12 and T13 and T4's height of 58.86m, these features have set the records for carrier system in Taiwan.






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